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2004 Rock Marathon
Rock Marathon Benefit Shows!

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The WTJU Rock Marathon is a festival – so don’t just stand there!

Take your boom box and your jitters to your friend’s house, and turn it UP! The Marathon encapsulates our station’s noncommercial, educational, community-minded mission – and expresses it with jaw-dropped glee. It’s 8 days a week of George Harrison, Al Green, Black Sabbath, OutKast, the Residents, the Jam, the Boss… and everything in between. From dancehall to go-go, from live soul to live Dead, from whistling songs to trucker songs: we twist open the bars of genre radio. Rock isn’t a form, it’s a generation, repeatedly reborn into new approaches. Check out Numbers, our visitors from the Bay Area– live on Monday the 23rd! – to see what we mean.

Plus, we’ve got Virginia on the brain: performances from local legends old (Skip Castro Band) and new (Atsushi Miura); a requiem for our homegrown punk-home the Pudhouse; and a live set from Charlottesville’s electronic enigma, Doofgoblin. WTJU is unmistakably community radio, at its finest.

And as a community station, we depend on our listeners for financial support. The Marathon is an important fundraiser for WTJU, wherein we give you our very best, and you pledge money to make our “best” last all year round, as it has for nearly 50 years. You are the reason that WTJU continues to thrive, and the Rock Marathon is your best reason to stay tuned. Our show descriptions (and Scott Ritchie’s killer T-shirt design) are on the web at Have fun, and don’t hesitate to call us up with a pledge and a request: 924-3418!

Your rock directors,
Andy, Scott, & Vicky

Thanks to: Chuck Taylor, Ginny Barrett, Morgan McLeod, Sarah Hinger, our staff, our volunteers, our performers, our engineers, our underwriters, and our listeners. We also extend a special salute to Tim Schulz, electronic music director extraordinaire, who is bowing out on the final night of the Marathon (“The End of Fear”).

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