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1999 WTJU Folk Marathon
1999 WTJU Folk Marathon Program

May 7th - 15th, 1999
Welcome music lover!

While I was reading, "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen Ambrose this past winter, I got to imagining what kind of music the Corps of Discovery may have heard as they explored the uncharted West. I knew from the varied backgrounds of those who went on the Lewis & Clark Expedition that the music of the time was just as diverse. Spanning such categories as chamber music, Scottish bagpipes, work songs of slaves, French waltzes, Irish fiddle tunes, and Native American music, I thought it would make a compelling radio show to do a musical representation of that journey. Then, when going over the scheduling for this year's Folk Marathon, it was brought to my attention that this idea would make a great theme for our whole marathon. Just as the Lewis & Clark Expedition started in Charlottesville and brought so many other cultures together, so does our Folk Marathon. We hope you'll enjoy it!

I wish to acknowledge the following people who have gone beyond the call of duty to help pull the folk marathon together. Thanks to: Chuck Taylor, Pete Marshall, Jeff Lindholm, Sandy Goodson Adams, Jane McDonald, Peter Jones, Winston Barham, Vicki Majid Affattati, John McCutcheon, Terri Allard, Acoustic Muse, Eli Frantzen, Fran Sackett and Blue Ridge Graphics, Laura Roseberry,The Prism Coffeehouse, Acoustic Charlottesville and all of the WTJU staff.

Blue O'Connell
Folk Director

Program Schedule
(804)924-3418 - (804)924-3959
Friday May 7th

Sounds of Discovery: Music and Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
Dick Harrington & Blue O'Connell

Imagine their raw adventures-hair's breadth escapes from charging grizzlies, big-sky sunsets, icy stings of blue northern winds, grazing antelope, fretful meetings with the Indians, fiddle frolics around the evening fire. We cannot, of course, know exactly what fiddle tunes Pierre Cruzatte played for his fellow explorers or what their steam-letting sounded like with voices, tin whistles, jaw harps, and percussion. But what better way to imagine their raw adventures than to hear music they might have enjoyed along the way or recalled from back home, interwoven with snippets from their journals?

2:00 PM
Aloha State

The folk marathon takes a detour to the 50th state, exploring the steel guitar offerings of the early century, the family-focused slack-key and reggae-fired Jahwaiian. Goldfinger at the controls. No Don Ho, No Hawaii Five-O.

4:00 PM
"Kicking Ass and Taking Names: Music of Malcontents".
Emmett Boaz

Radicals have always been singers. Folk music of anger and protest from Joe Hill on.

6:00 PM
Ellie Goodman

Tune in to the voices, guitars and passion of flamenco. From early archival recordings to the "nuevo" flamenco of the 1970s to recent rock flamenco fusion and beyond. Call in your jaleos.

8:00 PM
Prism Broadcast
Live from the Prism: Flutar

Flutar is Joseph Cunliffe on flute and Giorgia Cavallaro on guitar. They will play folk music from around the world, integrating folk, jazz, and Celtic music. Tune in or go down to the Prism and catch them live!

9:00 PM
The Bela Show
Pete Marshall and Larry Minnick

This guy continues to rewrite the book on the 5-String banjo regularly. Join Larry Minnick & Pete Marshall as they explore the career of Bela Fleck from early stuff to the Flecktones, in the studio, as sideman, & live center stage.

Saturday, May 8th

6:00 AM
Leftover Biscuits
Bill Adams

Bill serves up a special edition of Leftover Biscuits for the marathon.

8:00 AM
Nanci Griffith and Lucinda Williams
Sumner Brown

Nanci Griffith and Lucinda Williams are two of folk music's long-time favorites. They both share the genre of "country-folk," but with very different styles. Nanci's voice is sweeter and her lyrics more poetic. Lucinda is grittier both in voice and words. Don't miss the interesting juxtaposition of two of the "queens of country-folk."

10:00 AM
The Trans-Channel Exchange
Cinder Stanton

The NORTH Channel, that is, which lies between Ireland and Scotland. Hear the music of these countries, with special focus on the tunes, songs, and musicians that traveled back and forth across the water between them.

McCutcheon Family Favorites
John, Will and Peter McCutcheon

Join our local renaissance man along with his sons, Will and Peter as they share with you their favorites from their impressive folk archives.

2:00 PM
Western Swing & Honky Tonk
Pinetops Stephen

This is country music from a more rural era. A little less shmaltz, a little less Nashville. Pinetops Stephen hosts, with constant banter and Live performance by Spike Jr. & his Saddle Sores. So break out the old cowboy boots and inhale deeply as we spin Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, Patsy Cline, Ray Price, Buck Owens, Loretta Young, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Wanda Jackson and many more.

5:00 PM
Bluegrass from Virginia
Ray Spears

From the Old Home Place Ray brings you a good close up look at Virginia musicians in traditional and bluegrass music.

8:00 PM
The Best of the Prism

Tune in for an hour of some of the best concerts from the Prism Coffeehouse.

9:00 PM
"Urge for Going"
Gary Funston

Songs about the ultimate folk theme--life on the open road; featuring the music of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash and many others.

11:00 PM
The Silk Road: Traditional and Folk Music from Central Asia.
Todd Pontius

Todd will emphasize traditional and folk music (as opposed to classical music) from the region extending from the Middle East through Central Asia to China. Uighurs, Qashgai, Tadjiks, Tuvans, and Mongols will all hopefully be represented.

Sunday May 9th
6:00 AM
Native American Sunrise
Mary Gordon Hall

Mary Gordon provides accompaniment to a contemplative sunrise by Carlos Nakai, Bill Miller and various other Native American artists.

9:00 AM
Sounds of Gut and Steel
Blue O'Connell

A musical tour of the world of guitar music. Artists include: John Renbourn, Dan Crary, Martin Simpson, Al Petteway to name a few.

10:30 AM
A Voice to Sing With
Blue O'Connell

Representing many different forms of acappella music. From Gospel to Sacred Harp Hymns, to Appalachian songs to Baptist Choir.

Kid & Kaboodle Story Time
Peter and the Gang

Join us as we read some of your favorite children's stories. Not only will we read some of the classics, but also a bunch that you have called in to request over the last few months.

2:00 PM
A Sense of Space, A Sense of Place
cwt, iii

With artists who conjure the above feelings in their music, many from the West & Southwest. Including Ian Tyson, John Stewart, and particularly Tom Russell and his new album, The Man From God Knows Where.

4:00 PM
Home With The Armadillo
Pinetops Stephen and Texas Dave

What do the artists Junior Brown, the Flatlanders, Kelly Willis, Bob Wills, Lucinda Williams, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark and Doug Sahm have in common? They all hail from the state of Texas as well as many other fabulous artists. Tune in to hear your favorites.

6:00 PM
Beware the Bouzoctatern!
Scott Clark

Two hours of bouzoukis, octave mandolins, citterns, and other monstrous mandolins from Ireland, the UK, Brittany, Scandinavia, Finland, Spain, and the Americas. Performers will include Irish bouzouki pioneers Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny, Gerald Trimble, the Helsinki Mandoliners, Dervish, La Musga~na, Altan, Roger Landes, Kornog, and many others.

8:00 PM
Robyn Kells

Folk on the wild side..."folk under the influence"..."Celtic thrash frenzy"... call it what you will...featuring the likes of the Levellers, Boiled in Lead, Hedningarna, Cordelia's Dad, and many untamed cousins. In the face of some notoriously rocky marriages between folk and rock/punk/techno, these acts have triumphed in melding these various influences into a glorious anarchy of foot-stomping, head-banging hybrids that still maintain a strong loyalty to the folk traditions that spawned them. Expect a heavy influence from the recently-concluded first annual Nordic Roots Festival, featuring new releases from Hedningarna and Garmarna. Robyn will cast the chaos far and wide with joyful abandon.

10:00 PM
Dawg '99
Brennan Gilmore

From Early Dawg bluegrass with Del McCoury to the eclectic mix of the late nineties Quintet, Brennan Gilmore hosts three hours of David Grisman. Dawg music, Old and in the Way, Mandolin Abstractions, Garcia, Rice, and live recordings: If the liner notes say David Grisman, it's fair game.

Monday May 10

6:00 AM
Tropical Punch PM

Primarily Cuban roots, with a little Zydeco, a little African, a little South American -- a hot breakfast! Miz Mare is serving, everybody come an' listen.

9:00 AM
Southern Heyday Hodgepodge: Rural Music of the '20s and '30s
Dick Harrington & Victoria Young

Mournful as a whipporwill. Raucous and rowdy. Worshipful. Split-a-gut funny. Aw-shucks sappy. Traditional and early commercial music of the rural South-it's as diverse as brussel sprouts and bananas: the Carter Family, Robert Johnson, Uncle Dave Macon, the Memphis Jug Band, and who knows what all. To paraphrase Davy Crocket, we'll have ourselves a genuine galavanters's get-down, a frolicking high-stepper's money-raising set-to.

Vodou Music of Haiti
Tom Morgan

An hour long exploration of the music of modern Haiti with an emphasis on the drums of Vodou, hosted by the Bartender, Tom Morgan.

1:00 PM
Paul Robeson
Tom Morgan

An American classic, the great baritone Paul Robeson, in all of his glory.

2:00 PM
Nick Drake
Carey and Rob

From Five Leaves Left to Fruit Tree, listen in to experience the aural intensity of Nick Drake whose short, tragic career has influenced many of your favorite artists. An elegant body stretching an ill-fitting suit to a Pink Moon, where darkness can give the brightest light.

4:00 PM
Arctic Paradise
Pete Marshall

Scandinavia has produced a stunning array of folk music talent in recent years. Pete Marshall takes a trip to the frozen north, sampling the sounds of joiking, kanteles, hardingfeles and nyckelharpas, Amongst other things.

6:00 PM
Cafe Americana
Terri Allard

Tune in for a hearty serving of all of the best Americana artists on the circuit today. We'll hear from Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, Martin Sexton, Stacey Earle, Lucinda Williams, Guy Clark, and more!

8:00 PM
Tony Rice
Lisa Kay Howard

Don't miss the music of Tony Rice-from the early 70s with JD Crowe to the David Grisman Quintet, to more recent years as leader of the Tony Rice Unit. Besides being a virtuoso guitarist and soulful vocalist, Tony has made his mark as a creator of his own genre that fuses folk, bluegrass, and jazz. Even if you are already a fan of Tony's, you will hear tunes here you may have missed! And he will be in town at the Prism for two shows (May 13 & 14) with Norman Blake.

11:00 PM
The Lotus and the Tiger: Folk Music of Asia
Todd Pontius

The music of Asia provides some of the most captivating sounds in the "world music" genre. As we travel south (from China to Indonesia) and east (from India to Japan) we will experience traditional instruments and diverse musical styles from Asia's many different cultures. Expect to hear the lost music of the Khmer, the bizarre and beautiful sounds of Tuvan throat singing, the tuneful clatter of the Balinese gamelan and much more.

Tuesday May 11th
6:00 AM
Ralph Graves

Folk music has proved a rich source of inspiration for classical composers throughout the centuries. Join Ralph Graves (Radiostar) for an overview of some of the best joinings of classical and folk music from the Renaissance through today; from the Balkans to the Appalachians. Classical listeners will be amazed at some of the sources for the repertoire's most famous works. Lovers of folk music will be pleasantly surprised at just how much can be done with a good tune. A good time will be had by all.

9:00 AM
Just What Is Folk Music?
Christina Wulf

Another lyrically-intelligent show brought to you by the Men with Guns. From folks' radical roots & present-day political manifestations, to moanin' & wailin' while the lonesome box-cars roll, we'll bring you music from the thought-provoking, spine-tingling side of the tracks.

Bruce Cockburn
Tom Sears

Exploring the prolific career of one of Canadas finest folk heroes, Tom Sears presents two hours of Cockburn's best from the early 70's to his contempory works of today.

2 PM
Valley Girl: The music of Custer La Rue

Featuring a live appearance with Custer as well as other recordings from one of the Valley's favorite artist.

3:30 PM
More Music from the Valley
Debbie Hunter

Robin and Linda Willams, Magraw Garp, Barb Martin and other local favorites.

5:05 PM

Waterface returns for a "reprise" of sorts, and centers in on the softer, gentler, sensitive side of Neil Young. Rare acoustic tunes that Folk Out.

7:00 PM
Lilith Fair Redux II
Peter Jones

Back by popular demand, join Peter for another rendition of Lilith Fair.

9:00 PM
Chatting Up The Nields...
Peter Jones

Tune in to sisters Nerissa and Katryna Nields, or 40% of Dar William's favorite band, as they chat about whatever they darn well please. During our journey into their nook, we'll weave in more than a few of this quintet's songs.

10:00 PM
Indigo Girls Lovefest

Every college graduate of the last 15 years has memories accompanied by an Indigo Girls song. Join Brian and Wendy as they bring you the best of Amy and Emily, as well as rare cuts, B-sides, live tracks, and side projects. Tune in and sing/cry along.

Wed. 12th

6:00 AM
Early Traditional Music Crossover
Debbie Hunter

Featuring Annoymous 4, John Renbourn, Pierre Bensusan, and more.

9:00 AM
Jazzgrass and the New Acoustic Movement
Larry Minnick

Featuring some of the most innovative acoustic instrumentalists around today. Expect to hear from Bela Fleck, Darol Anger, Edgar Meyers, Tony Rice and more!

The Medicine Show
Bruce Penner

If the birth of the blues caused any pain, the medicine show gave relief. A popular early American entertainment, the medicine show combined music with promises found in a bottle. Sometimes the bottle was good, sometimes not; thus the jake leg, etc

2:00 AM
The Star of Munster: Traditional Music of Counties Clare and Kerry Tes Slominski

Featuring recordings of musicians not usually heard by American audiences, from the early recordings of fiddle legend Padraig O'Keeffe to the recent work of players such as Josephine Marsh and Tola Custy. Yes, America, there is more to Clare than Shannon Airport and the Cliffs of Moher, and there's more to Kerry than Killarney and tourists!

5:05 PM
Night Witness
Mary Gordon Hall & Blue O'Connell

We are many nations under One Moon. We sing many songs within the same tune... Come celebrate this tribute to our most beloved planet: The Moon.

7:00 PM
Country Music in Black and White
Lisa Spiro

Country music has often been thought to be "the whitest music in America," but in fact it has influenced and been influenced by African-American musicians. Bob Wills's first record was a cover of a Bessie Smith tune; John Jackson's brother-in-law taught Merle Travis some picking techniques, and Jackson himself learned from listening to Travis records. This show will examine the musical cross-pollination between country and blues and related traditions showing how the two traditions have worked together to produce the flowering of American music.

9:00 PM
Out-Landish Fiddle
Colin Ramierez

Primarily featuring the phenomenal crossover fiddling of Kayla Flexor, who's two albums so far set a new standard for innovative interpretations of Gypsy, Klezmer, Eastern European and Jazz traditions that are true to their roots, but still wake up your ears with an experimental sense of arrangement and style. We will also showcase other innovators from Stephan Grapelli to Darol Anger, whose fiddling seems to find itself in a minor key with a touch of swing and even a dumbek in the rhythm section...

11:00 PM
Backroom Songs and Bawdy Ballads
Emmett Boaz

Emmett plays the songs the FCC won't let him play in the daytime. Oscar Brand, Kinky Friedman, Dave Van Ronk and friends.

Thursday May 13th

6:00 AM
Real Country
Kim Sherman

The heart, soul and roots of what made country music the boot-stompin' success that it is today, with artists such as: Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Sr. (and Jr.), Merle Haggard, Patsy, George, Johnny, and the groups that still hold true to that tradition...

8:00 AM
Granny Played The Fiddle
Sandy Goodson Adams

Listen to the music of the women of Appalachia as they sing and play music about their lives. A trip through time with the likes of Ola Belle Reed and the women of today who honor the music. Your feet will be a-tapping as your hear the all women bands of old time music. The Reel World String Band, The Any Old time Band, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer will take you back to another time with their Traditional Sound.

10:00 AM
Talking Drums
Valerie L'Herrou

Percussion was the world's universal language even before there was tonal music. People are now rediscovering their inner rhythms and once again speaking to each other from the heart. An exploration of rhythm around the world, from the simple heartbeat to complex polyrhythms.

Cosmic American Jamboree Favorites
Pinetops Stephen and Lisa Spiro

A special marathon edition: We'll take a wild road trip through the varied terrain of Americana music, listening to our--and your--favorite tunes. Expect to hear songs by Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Uncle Tupelo, Lyle Lovett, the Louvin Brothers, Loretta Lynn, Ralph Stanley, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, and many more. It's the Cosmic American Jamboree--turned up to 11!

2 PM
The Celtic Fusion of Jethro Tull
Debbie Hunter

A new slant on an old band, join Debbie as she takes you through Jethro Tull's long and varied path. You will never hear this band the same again.

5:05 PM
Rock in My Shoe - The Tim O'Brien Show
Aer Stephen

A special Folk & Beyond Marathon treatment of the music of Tim O'Brien. Whether it's Tim solo, Tim & Mollie, Hot Rize, Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers, or any of the other combinations that have surfaced and been captured on recordings. Oh Boy, the man goes beyond.

7:00 PM
A History of Lesbian Music
Wendy Repass

Are lesbians any different in what they write about in songs or what they like to listen to? Are lesbians some special group that you really don't know anything about? Or are they really concerned about the same things you are in life, work, family, etc.? Find out in a special history of lesbian music where your host Wendy Repass will survey a variety of music from folk, rock, blues, and country and anything else that reflects what lesbians listen to and relate.

9:00 PM
Taj Mahal & The New Lions
David Eisenman

A career perspective of Taj Mahal and his music including the new blues troubadours such as Guy Davis, Alvin Youngblood Hart, and Keb' Mo'.

11:00 PM
Lights Out...Women in Celtic Music
Jen Rafferty

Put the kids to bed, send out the roommates, light some candles and drift into deep relaxation with some soothing late night Celtic music...From the lingering lilt of the Celtic harp and the haunting melodies of Loreen McKennitt, to the rich vocals of Mary Black, Karen Matheson, Connie Dover and more. Bring a tranquil end to a hectic day.

Friday, May 14th

6:00 AM
Folk Dance Music From Both Sides of the Atlantic
Brad Sayler

Folk dance music of the British Isles and North America including Morris and Country dance tunes from England, Scottish Country Dance music, New England Contra tunes, and Old Time Southern Square Dance music.

9:00 AM
Ann's International Acoustic String Odyssey
Ann Porotti

The acoustic string sound is stronger than ever all over the world; its innovations are heard in Jazz, in Latin and in World music itself. Three hours of not-your-typical-acoustic string music. No further clues given. Be there. Be generous! Pledge your support to WTJU's 1999 Folk Marathon.

One String Things
Bruce Penner

Berimbau, narja, diddly bow--they're all one string things from Africa or the African dispora. Join Bruce Penner for a show that spans the blues to Brazil and Angola to Mali.

2:00 PM
Pickin' in the 21st Century
Brennan Gilmore

Exploring the ever expanding world of newgrass, jazzgrass, bluegrass and its many tangents with the host of "Live from Studio A". The first hour will feature national acts, from the Newgrass Revival to Leftover Salmon. The second hour will showcase regional groups such as the Larry Keel Experience, Magraw Gap, Acoustic Syndicate and others. And in the third hour kick back for a special "joint" offering with Reggae Vibrations DJ Goldfinger of reggae in the newgrass vein.

5:05 PM
Sunset Road to Nelson County
Jimbo Cary & Pete Marshall

Jimbo Cary joins Sunset Road's regular host Pete Marshall to visit a gem in the Central Virginia music scene, the Nelson County Summer Festival. They'll take a detailed look at who's appeared at the festival in past years, & also preview who will be on the bill this year.

8:00 PM
Live Broadcast from the Prism Coffeehouse
Norman Blake & Tony Rice
As this show may be a sell out, not to worry--you can tune in right here on WTJU's live broadcast! This concert is sure to be a great one from two of the finest guitarists and musicians on the circuit today!

9:00 PM
Nothin but the Blues
Peter Welch

Special folk marathon edition focusing on contemporary acoustic blues artists such as Corey Harris, Keb' Mo', Alvin Youngblood Hart, and others.

11 PM

Women's Voices
Todd Pontius

In many of the world's cultures the preservation of vocal music is the domain of women. Human ears have always loved songs like these, long before anyone had ever heard of "world" or "folk" music. Here we will examine female artists working within various musical traditions from around the world. Expect to hear powerful songs and beautiful voices in many different languages as we explore Women's Voices.

Saturday, May 15th

6:00 AM
Leftover Biscuits
Emmett Boaz

"Campfire Biscuits: Putting the western back into country and western."

8:00 AM
Atlantic Weekly
Mark Haskins

A special marathon edition of Atlantic Weekly, WTJU's poplular weekly presentation of traditional, folk and new acoustic music. During the first half of the show experience music ranging from our ethnic American roots, the heyday of the folk revival to contemporary singer song writers.

10:00 AM
The Evolution of Celtic Bagpipes
John Maze

From traditional Scottish-Irish music up through contemporary folk and folk rock. Davy Spillane, Jerry O'Sullivan Paddy Keenan, and the Bothy Band (lots o this) Liam O'Flynn and Planxty (lots o this), Battlefield Band Tannahill Weavers maybe some Tod Denman -- the various types of pipes, what constitutes them, the types of music...and instruments that accompany... the evolution of Celtic music and the resurgence of the past couple of decades...not just a bunch of squealing highland bagpipes, but some really good, jamming tunes.

Sunshine Daydream - Folk Marathon edition
Richard Johnson, Tom Sears and Mr. Jones

An exploration into the folksy corners of the Grateful Dead universe. The show will feature rare live recordings, fan favorites, and of course your requests.

2:00 PM
The Late, Great Townes Van Zandt
Richard Johnson

In 1987, Steve Earle wrote that "Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that." Join Richard Johnson for a glimpse into the genius of Townes Van Zandt as well as the community of peers - including Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, and the Cowboy Junkies.

4:00 PM
The Left Side of Rockabilly
cwt, iii

Rockabilly music by those who would have been punk rockers had they just been born during another era. Featuring: Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Dowd, Butch Hancock, Huelyn Duvall, Wynn Stewart, Kip Tyler & The Flips, Ronnie Dawson and more!

6:00 PM
Old Home Place
Ray Spears

Ray does a special marathon edition of OHP featuring artists on the local Rebel recording label.

8 PM

New roots deeply rooted
Cleek Schrey

For centuries Gaelic music (Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton) flourished in the homes and kitchens of it's keepers. Now the music takes center-stage as it enters the mainstream community picking up influences along the way. Fused with rock, techno, reggae, and others a new generation of musicians carry their tradition into a new millennium never forgetting their roots.

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