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2003 Classical Music Celebration and Fund Drive
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Welcome to WTJU's annual celebration of classical music. For eight days the Classical Department will present an unmatched range of musical styles and performers, from great solo artists and ensembles to a lighter take on serious music. Our volunteer announcers look forward to presenting their favorites, which are chosen by them, not by a programmer from an impersonal list of mood music. This year we will also feature local performers live in our studio, demonstrating just what great music is available in our own area.

It will be fun for us, and we hope you enjoy it too. Along with our underwriters, listeners like you provide over half of our budget with your generous contributions of support. It takes substantial resources to bring you the kind of unique programming you have come to expect from us all year long. Enjoy our week of classical music. It is our gift to our community, but please don't forget to call with a pledge. As much as you are looking forward to hearing us, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

Special thanks are due to Winston Barham, for coordinating this year's programs, and to the Contessa, who, more than anyone else, is responsible for the stylish presentation of the music you hear from our announcers. Thanks also to Arthur Chapin and Jamie Robinette for contributing artwork.

Tim Snider, Classical Director

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